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R197 Queen size bed

R197 Queen size bed

R197-1. In stock


A beautiful headboard, inset in-between two wings, boarded with nailheads, this custom upholstered headboard offers a dramatic look that elevates the style of any bedroom.

Slats included with bed. No box spring required.

Colour of nailheads:
Silver nailheads- fabrics #15, #26, #35, #40, #50, #55, #60, #65, #70
Bronze nailheads- fabrics #20, #10, #25, #30, #45, #75


Reference# Size in inch Materials Colours
R-197D 54″ Headboard 59″W 6″D 53″H See below See below
R-197Q 60″ Headboard 68″W 6″D 53″H
R-197K 78″ Headboard 83″W 6″D 53″H
R-197DB 54″ Headboard & Bed 59″W 84″D 53″H
R-197QB 60″ Headboard & Bed 68″W 90″D 53″H
R-197KB 78″ Headboard & Bed 83″W 90″D 53″H
R-197DD 54″ Headboard, Bed & Drawer 59″W 84″D 53″H
R-197QD 60″ Headboard, Bed & Drawer 68″W 90″D 53″H
R-197KD 78″ Headboard, Bed & Drawer 83″W 90″D 53